Amazon Prime Fire stick which is mostly refer to Fire Tv Stick using firestick remote or firestick remote App is not new in the technological age, as many other dongle and Tv applications are trending in the society now.

Before I proceed, you might have been hearing about Amazon Fire Tv Stick, but you are really yet to understand what it entails, its features and the requirements.


What is Amazon Fire Tv Stick?

Amazon Prime Fire Tv Stick is a device that gives its users access to watch and stream movies, Trailers, shows, Dramas, Musics, Games and photos of their choice. The device is plugged into the TV HDMI port in which it gives ultimate access to its users which makes it even more portable as users can take the device to anywhere they please.

How to Use Amazon Prime Fire Tv Stick

As you know that Amazon Prime Fire Tv Stick is not the only type of dongle or devices that gives you access to video and other entertainment contents, We have other devices such as Chromecast and Roku which also do same as Amazon Fire Tv stick.

  • Plug your Amazon Fire Tv or Firestick device into your Tv’s HDMI port.
  • Make sure your device is connected to a stable Wifi.
  • Follow up the set up instruction with bluetooth remote provided by while buying your Amazon Fire Tv Stick.
  • After the set up process is completed, log into your Amazon account, as it will require you to log into your account.
  • Browse through your Amazon content, as all your contents such as pictures, videos saved on their cloud services will be accessible.

Amazon Prime Fire Tv Stick gives you so much ultimate access to a lot of contents, you can watch and stream thousands of Games, videos and movies, it gives you access to even Netflix, Youtube, Hulu and much more.

Features of Amazon Prime Fire Tv Stick

  • Amazon Fire Tv Stick comes with a bluetooth remote control called Firestick remote or you can also use Firestick Remote App.
  • There is a subscription fee attached to it.
  • The device comes with 8 GB Internal space.
  • It also comes with 1 GB Memory
  • Amazon Prime Fire Tv Stick comes with HDMI extender
  • It also comes with a dual antenna WI-Fi
  • Dedicated VideoCore4 GPU.

firestick remotefirestick remote app

Why I think Amazon Fire Tv Stick is needed in many homes is because the era of technology has come to stay, very few people still do cable or satellite, streaming technology has come into play and many more streaming services like Youtube, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon video, HBO and much more.

There is no doubt that you will enjoy thousands of channels, Games, Dramas, Musics and apps. You can also decide to browse favorite websites such as Facebook and other social platform, seamless streaming is now very accessible and you also enjoy Prime services as an Amazon account holder for a little fee that gives you leverages in selecting your choice of Movies, or other entertainment content.

This streaming device, Amazon Prime Fire Tv stick lets you even continue where you left off from any program or video content you were watching, unlike the satellite or cable which does not have such features.

Let me talk a little about some streaming Services you will enjoy if you get hold of Amazon Fire Tv stick.

Amazon Content

  1. NetflixNetflix Original is the most common App almost like Youtube and popular streaming services around, with $8 subscription per month, you will have access to countless amounts of video contents such as Drama, Movies, Programs and you can also have access to their new channels.
  2. Amazon Instant Video: Amazon Instant Video is a benefit from your Amazon Prime services you may have decided to subscribe for, with just $12.99 a month you will have access to so much video contents as you can not imagine. It even serves as alternative to Netflix if you can’t get the video content you want on Netflix.
  3. Hulu Plus: Hulu Plus is one of the best streaming services as it has so much Tv programs and Dramas that features the likes of NBC, FOX, ABC, CBS show and even Comedy Central. With just $8 per month you will enjoy every cent of it in a way you can not even imagine, but it comes with commercial, You ,may decide to go for the $12 per month if you don’t want to be disturbed with commercials.

I believe will this few I explained above you will have enough courage to try a streaming service and see the satisfaction you will derive in using a streaming service such as the Amazon Fire Tv Stick.

How to Install Popcorn Time on Firestick

This is one of my favorite streaming App after ShowBox as its very popular among the North Americans, Many people love this App as it doesn’t matter if you have slow internet speed. Popcorn Time automatically download some part of the video content so it doesn’t buff even though network is not stable, as it makes use of torrent technology. Also Popcorn Time does not expose your I.P unlike some other streaming App like Kodi which leaks your I.P if you don’t make use of  a VPN. This application gives you access to almost unlimited video content you can think of ranging from Movies, dramas, Tv Shows and Trailers.

You should always note that when downloading this App or streaming through this App, you are exposing your I.P. It is always advised to you a very reliable VPN like PureVPN.

Note: A strong advice for Firestick users especially those that are jailbroken firestick and those who are using it outside the United State should use a very good VPN. I normally use Pure VPN for my devices as they are more trusted, faster in streaming and they don’t keep long making me more anonymous.. You can get a very good discount from Pure VPN.