How to Have Access To Amazon Fire Tv Stick From Anywhere

Amazon Prime Fire Tv Stick

Amazon Fire Tv Stick as stated in my lat post is a device that is plugged into the Tv HDMI port that gives you access to countless movies, Games, musics, photos, dramas and even App with a very small token subscription fee. It should be known that Amazon Fire Tv stick comes with a bluetooth Remote for controlling the contents you have access to.

If you are living in other countries aside from the United State, you won’t be able to watch Amazon content as you need to have a US Amazon account to watch this content, Having The Amazon Fire Tv stick and leaving in Europe or other continent you will have to make use of a VPN.

The VPN is help you have access to Us Amazon Content by connecting to United State via the VPN.

I have use several VPN and I will recommend you use Pure VPN for this as they don’t keep logs and your anonymity is guaranteed. Using Pure VPN will allow your Amazon Fire Tv Stick to work on your Tv and you can now have access to your content you desired. Having a streaming a device for your home and family can never be that bad as it makes you cut subscription on cable or satellite subscription. You will have access to enjoy streaming services from Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and even From Hulu.

Chromecast is also a rival streaming device to Amazon Fire Tv Stick as it does even a little more than what Amazon does, with so many features and does not have Subscription fee. But I still think I prefer Amazon Fire Tv Stick because of some cool features it has.

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