How To Delete Some Apps on Your Firestick or Fire Tv

Sometimes You may want to remove some Apps on your Firestick/Fire Tv in order to have a boost Memory and to make the Firestick device faster and perform better.

If you delete or remove Firestick applications, you can free up more space on your device to make it easier to use. It allows you to add applications or download content that was not possible before.

If you uninstall Apps, you will find that not all can be deleted. Amazon installs some programs that users can not delete. Many of them are tools or other devices that will make your Firestick or Fire TV work without problems.

I used my updated Firestick for this tutorial

Follow the steps below to show how to remove Firestick or Fire TV Apps.

How To Remove applications on Firestick / Fire TV

1. From the home screen of your Firestick device,  scroll to the right to hover over Settings and then Click Applications from the firestick remote.


2. Click Manage Installed Applications

click manage installed applications

3. Scroll down and click on the application you wish to delete such as One Player which was side-loaded to the device

click the application you want to delete

4. Click Uninstall

click uninstall

5. Click Uninstall again

click uninstall again

That’s all, Your app has been removed and freeing up more space on your Amazon Firestick or Fire Tv as the Firestick remote was able to very resourceful.

This will definitely make a difference after you operate your device later, You will notice more speed and system boost.

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